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Soda Music

Extra Life (2016)

Available in limited edition 12″ vinyl, digital download and on Spotify.

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  1. Lovesong for the geek (02:29)extra life-cover og vinyl
  2. Extra Life (01:17)
  3. I sit and wait for what? (03:41)
  4. Whisper me away (02:23)
  5. I go too far (02:53)
  6. Oh oh (03:19)
  7. Pretty girls make mojitos (01:36)
  8. And then what (02:54)
  9. Push undo (02:30)
  10. It fell apart (03:33)

All songs written by Ragnhild Iveranna Hogstad Jordahl
Produced by Alessandro Paderno and Fabio Benni
Recorded and mixed at Red Carpet Studio
Mastered at Red Carpet Studio by Lorenzo Caperchi
Illustration and design by Silja Haddal Mork

Ragnhild: the drums, vocals, keys, violin, some guitars,
glockenspiel and melodica
Alessandro: the guitar, and backing vocals
Fabio: the bass, keys, and backing vocals

Reel Around Me (2010)

Available as digital download and on Spotify.


  1. Dogwalkin summer (02:01)reel around me-cover og vinyl
  2. New dancing shoes (02:09)
  3. Are philosophers lonely (01:51)
  4. The catcher (01:45)
  5. You are not invited (02:22)
  6. You can’t stop me (01:56)
  7. Give yourself a break (02:39)
  8. Pirate love (02:46)
  9. Too late for us (02:24)

“[…] Jordahl smuggles crisp wit and emotional bite into these shambolic two-minute scrambles, swooning like a lo-fi Shangri-Las on ‘The Catcher’ and mustering real vitriol in ‘You Are Not Invited To My Wedding’ […] bursting with charm.”


“Instant pop, short, snappy and full of one-liners guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a foot on the dance floor.”

“Building on a simple formula of sweet, clever pop songs that draw on daily travels and observations, Soda Fountain Rag now seems to have acquired a beautifully enhanced range of moods to compliment a more commanding vocal presence. Our very first favourite pop album for the summer of 2010.”

– Milk Milk Lemonade

“This new release by Soda Fountain Rag is a big step up for the band, and it has made me love them even more. Highly recommended!”


“Soda Fountain Rag has made a record with a real band. I am not sure that she should have.”

– Ron Powlus Role Model

released May 28, 2010

Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl: vocals, drums, piano, organ.
Anders Kaasen: guitars.
Nickolai Nilsen: bass guitar.
Alessandro Scagliarini: trumpet and flute.
Recorded in Nave (BS), Italy, by the magnificent Alessandro Paderno.

It’s Rag Time (2008)

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  1. Army Of Silent Kids (1:57)its rag time cover
  2. The Saddest Boy In Town (1:51)
  3. You Sit And Wait For Life (1:55)
  4. I Laugh Myself To Sleep (2:52)
  5. Escalator (2:20)
  6. Go! (1:54)
  7. Driving In Your Car (2:36)
  8. Angry Girl (2:12)
  9. The Saddest Boy Again (1:32)
  10. Oh, Brother! (1:47)
  11. I Was Reborn (2:26)
  12. Monkey Girl (1:58)
  13. Don’t Kill The Clowns (2:12)
  14. Everything Ends (Baby, That’s A Fact!) (2:46)


The Transport EP (2010)

the transport EP cover83 copies made? For possible purchase, check out this page.

  1. Go Bus Baby Go (3:25)
  2. Ferry (2:26)
  3. The Train To Heaven (2:27)
  4. I Watch The Boats (3:01)

Driving In Your Car (EP, 2007)

driving in your car cover100 handmade copies made. A few might be available here.

  1. Driving In Your Car (2:35)
  2. Turn Back Time (2:14)
  3. Walking With My Angel (1:58)

I Love You (EP, 2007)

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i love you cover

  1. Everything Ends (2:42)
  2. Saddest Boy Again (1:30)
  3. Dog (1:42)
  4. I’ll Sing You To Sleep (1:54)

Sometimes I Wonder If You Have A Heart (2007)

sometimes i wonder if you have a heart coverLook out for possible purchases here.

  1. Don’t Kill The Clowns (2:12)
  2. You Cant Stop Me (1:56)
  3. Are Philosophers Lonely? (2:01)
  4. Angry Girl (2:09)
  5. I Was Reborn (2:27)
  6. Army Of Silent Kids (1:54)
  7. Extra Life (1:25)
  8. Who Needs A Car? (1:34)
  9. The Year I’m 17 (2:00)
  10. New Dancing Shoes (2:15)

Qui A Besoin D’Une Voiture? (EP, 2006)

Qui A Besoin D'Une VoitureLook out for possible purchases here.

  1. Don’t Kill The Clowns (2:12)
  2. Extra Life (1:28)
  3. The Year I’m Seventeen (2:00)
  4. You Can’t Stop Me (1:57)
  5. Who Needs A Car (1:38)