Zoo (Bologna, Italy)

Zoo (Bologna, Italy)

Date: April 28, 2016

Location: Bologna, Italy


First gig with Moa and Ale (Fabio was away). It is great to play with Ale, both because I trust him endlessly, musically and otherwise (which actually needs to be the case if someone is to be my guitarist), and because he helps me with all the things I’m afraid of. Also it is So Great to finally have a keyboard player. I think everything sounds better now. The gig in Bologna was weird because we had to play very quiet, so we wrapped the bass drum in a blanket – but playing drums quietly is hard! But I think it was an ok gig, and it was so nice to see Enzo again. We drove home in the dark. I love that. I thought I should make a new song about driving (or being a passenger in a car, strictly speaking) in Italy (like Driving in your Car), so I have done that now, and we’ll see how it turns out.

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